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About UCW

UCW Limited (UCW) owns and invests in tertiary education businesses, with a current focus on Health and Community Services fields of study. The Company’s strategy is to foster and support growth in its existing businesses, through initiatives such as campus and course expansion, while concurrently pursuing additional acquisition opportunities. The Board includes directors with extensive experience in the education sector.

UCW currently has two wholly-owned subsidiaries:

ALG is a vocational education and training (VET) provider, primarily focussed on the international student market. The business operates from campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Ikon is both a VET and a higher education (HE) provider, with a primary focus on higher education and the domestic student market. Ikon also has multiple campus locations across Australia, including in Adelaide, where its head office is based.

In addition to its wholly-owned subsidiaries, and outside of its current Health and Community Services focus, UCW owns 24.57% of the ordinary shares in Gradability Pty Ltd (Gradability) (acquired 11 July 2017), one of the leading providers of the Professional Year Program (PYP). The PYP is a work readiness program for international student graduates in informationtechnology, accounting and engineering, that includes an internship in an Australian workplace.